GAMALOCUS is a Danish game development studio founded in 2001 and specialized in multi-player strategy games. Currently we are also looking into the new world of VR.
Call of the Kings
The Mirror Black
Is an online hybrid strategy roleplaying game set in the Empire of Khadoria. It is a time of turmoil and with the old emperor at the brink of insanity and leaving no heir, all the nobles of the realm realize that they have a rightful claim to the Imperial Throne. Personal power struggles and treason leave everything - the economy, government and social order - in chaos.

To accomplish this, each player controls a high born family of heroes and retainers. Players must rebuild the economy and fund an army by creating commerce in their towns, establishing trade routes and political alliances, building monopolies and collecting revenues from vassals.
About Gamalocus
GAMALOCUS is a Danish game development studio. Founded in 2001 by Lars Peter Wiberg Nielsen and Emanuel Greisen. Gamalocus specializes in the development of multi-player online strategy games. The game Call of the Warlords was launched online in March 2002 - it was played in a web browser but with a full fledged graphical UI. After that Gamalocus worked on a number of titles of which the most prominent one was Call of the Kings - The Mirror Black.

In 2008 the two founders put the company on hold while they pursued business elsewhere. But alas, in 2018 Emanuel Greisen together with Søren Deleuran are picking up the pieces and blowing new life into the old studio.

A lot of time has passed, so the first couple of months will be spent finding out which of the old titles are still relevant and which new ideas should be included.
Contact Gamalocus
(+45) 20986893
Gamalocus ApS, Copenhagen, Denmark